It was the beginning of the last century when grandfather Antonio started his small farm in the lands of Baucina, in the province of Palermo. He cultivated and sold products of his land directly: a forerunner of kilometer zero project, operation launched by Coldiretti in 2008.

Beautiful landscapes and rolling hills were perfect cradle for our crops that are typical of the Mediterranean climate: olive groves, vineyards, almond orchards and cereals.

Since then, in fact, we hand down his passion for good, healthy, environmentally friendly agriculture. We achieve this through a careful combination of biological cultivation techniques and entrepreneurial philosophy sensitive to innovations. Modern conservatives. While it may seem a contradiction. We have cultivated olives, grapes, almonds and cereals then we specialize in organic production of almonds and wheat. From flour to oil, from eggs to almonds, everything comes from our land that we love and respect. With these ingredients, through a short and controlled chain, we have created our own bakery. Biscuits, nougats, buccellati, marzipan but also bread and pasta... everything is made according to ancient local recipes. According to Sicilian tradition, sweets made with almond paste were offered on important occasions such as ceremonies, weddings, parties. In those days they were called "Cosa duci", sweet things. We kept same style of traditional processing to preserve their identity, as specialties linked to the territory.

Thanks to gained experience, today, we can combine every element, from richness and genuineness of ingredients to friendly package. So, we obtain an excellent synthesis of tradition, taste and quality, which make unique each product.

Our production is dedicated to those consumers, increasingly aware and attentive to diet and who, like us, want to eat healthily but tastefully. The uniqueness of our production, safety and genuineness are guaranteed by the traceability of raw materials that come exclusively from our land.

Why trust in our products? Why they are not only good...