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Baucina (Pa)
Via IV Novembre, 88

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+ 39 339 1277671

The municipality of Baucina, in the heart of province of Palermo, is about 35 km from capital and it is extended just over 24 square kilometers. At 550 meters above sea level, it is located in a strategic position and it is easily accessible from several directions: from Palermo - Agrigento (S.S. 121), grafted onto the road to Baucina (S.P. 6); from the main road of Bagheria (S.P. 6a) or the SP 6, for those coming from Trabia, which can be accessed also from highway PA-CT (A19). Etymology of name is uncertain, it could derive from the greek adjective Baukos, that means elegant. Downtown is of feudal origin, it dates back to the early seventeenth century. Special features of the craft production include wrought iron and embroidery typical. Territory is hilly, characterized by a cool climate, and it still jealously preserve its traditions coming from an ancient and mysterious past: recent archaeological excavations witness it, in fact they have unearthed tombs dating from the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. Baucina is also known for popularity of its patron saint, Santa Fortunata, whose relics are preserved inside Chiesa del Collegio since they came from the cemetery of Santa Ciriaca in Rome, today known as San Lorenzo al Verano.