Organic crops, traceability of raw materials, natural fuels and energy derived exclusively by solar panels, these are some of ethical-ecological tricks that our family has stably adopted, following their own beliefs. We reuse production waste to minimize the residues: zero impact. For example, we bake bread with shells of almonds and with what remains, at the end of the production cycle, we can provide natural fertilizers for agriculture. So it all comes back to the earth.

We have recently planted almond trees to help spread of this traditional Sicilian fruit, rich of stimulating and healing properties. In fact, today, growing areas and many varieties of almonds also are disappearing. We believe in ethical and responsible behavior.

In our opinion, cultivate the land is to be guardians of common good, which requires awareness and honesty. We know that balance on our planet depends on this also, and it is a benefit for all.

Every day, we fight against globalization and taste flattening, supporting Sicilian biodiversity and protecting history of our traditions.